Finhub team of professional HR managers offers a range of human resources services and expert guidance varying from recruiting the most brilliant talent currently in the market to HR consulting, developing HR policies, administrating HR related documents, payroll administration, performance management and auditing.

Our professional HR management services include:

•  Candidate recruitment
•  HR consulting
•  Performance management
•  Employee training & assessments
•  Payroll administration
•  Organizational climate research
•  Employee satisfaction & motivation assessment
•  Employee competency model
•  HR documents management
•  Developing HR policies
•  Auditing HR documentation


Our experienced team will ensure the impeccable accounting of your company by offering everything from Chief Accountant function, day-to-day management of your accounts to preparing company‘s accounting policies, easy to understand management reports and financial statements or consulting on complex financial operations.

Finhub offers accounting service accordingly in the following areas:

• Bookkeeping & financial accounting
• Chief accountant function
• Management reports & financial statements
• Maintenance of statutory books
• Payment processing services
• Compensation & benefits
• Calculation of profit and loss
• Supervision of tax
• Auditing
• Training


Nowadays IT solutions does bring a competitive advantage by catalysing change, innovation and more efficient business processes. Our IT specialists work to secure smooth and uninterrupted operation of your company’s information technologies by offering high-quality IT support, prompt and professional incident and problem solving. To meet the ever-changing business demands, Finhub offers technical expertise to analyse your company IT structure, advise on personalized IT solutions, employee training.

Finhub offers the following IT services:

•  IT Audit & Report
•  High-quality IT support
•  Incident & problem solving
•  Database Management
•  Hardware maintenance & Repair
•  IT infrastructure solutions development & optimization
•  Cyber Security
•  Employee Training


Finhub business management services are focused on optimizing business management of your organization to help you achieve smoother implementation of long-term as well as short-term company strategies and reaching future goals in a most efficient way. Finhub team has experience working with a different clients from small and medium-sized businesses to international groups, different sectors such as aviation, IT, transportation, manufacturing and many other industries. We focus on each of our client‘s specific needs by in-depth assessment of the overall condition of the organization and its environment analysis to derive individual service plan for each of our client.

We offer our experience and expertise for providing assistance in various fields of business management such as improving organizational mindset, business processes re-engineering, finance controlling, organizational growth planning, our consultants also guide decision-making process in developing up-to-date, safe IT structure of a company, help in establishing new enterprises, assist in changing form of ownership or composition of owners.

Finhub offers the following BUSINESS MANAGEMENT services:

•  The establishment of enterprises, new branches, divisions
•  Business development management
•  Growth management
•  Preparing forecasts
•  Administrating acquisition of property, shares or stocks
•  Finance controlling
•  Improving the organizational structure
•  Business processes re-engineering
•  Personnel management
•  Organizational climate management